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Well, maybe you have found yourself on Nevis before - but did you sail there via yacht from St. Barths? Have you visited other hidden beauties in the area such as St. Eustatius or Saba? This lesser traveled part of the Leewards is spectacular in its variety - from white beaches to volcanoes, rainforests to ancient Dutch villages, and from green monkeys to guys named "Sunshine". After our first voyage here in December of 2015, the decision to return was easy. Made up of longer passages, this trip features stunning sailing legs on a daily basis. Join The Crew this Fall, and experience an adventure that few ever will.

Nevis - Voyage Highlights

Made up of islands large, small and uninhabited, the Leewards allow for a flexible itinerary. Here are some of our favorites, but we'll let you and your Crew decide where to first.

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  • Note - due to high demand, only shared cabins are being offered for our voyages in the Leeward Islands. Bookings must be made in pairs.
  • Shared Cabin rates are per person for (2) travelers booking together and sharing a double occupancy cabin. Please contact us if you and your guest would like to pay separately.
  • Contact us if you have any special requests or require multiple cabin bookings.
Nevis // June 4-10, 2017

from $2,190 per person

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// Itinerary →

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*Exact itinerary will depend on seasonal weather patterns, sea state, group preference and other considerations. Our Captains will determine safe and viable routing options in real time, and as possible, allow participants to assist in determining the itinerary.

// Logistics →

Pre-Voyage Travel:

The Leewards are best accessed via St. Martin, which will serve as our beginning and end point. Ample direct flights are available to St. Martin's major airport (SXM) from the U.S. and Canada, and Europeans can make an easy connection through Amsterdam for direct access. SXM's runway backs up to the Ocean, making for an exciting landing and great spectacle when watching from an ideally placed beach bar!

Meet The Crew:

We will meet at The Moorings base in Oyster Pond at 17.00 on the first day of the voyage. We will spend the first evening on the boat in port so you will have a chance to meet your fellow crew as well as stock up on any personal provisions for the week.

Voyage Details:

The Crew will leave port early the following morning and will spend the next five nights exploring and sleeping on our boat. Each voyage with The Crew is unique, so the exact itinerary will vary. We’ll arrive back at port (TBA) on the morning of the final day. If you’re departing St. Martin that day, we recommend booking flights in the late afternoon or following day to avoid any issues. If flying the following day, be sure to procure a hotel room for the evening (a great chance to explore another part of St. Martin, which boasts French and Dutch halves).

Food / Drink Aboard:

The Crew stocks each boat with food, water and soft drinks for the following: 6 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 1 dinner, and snacks. Produce / items vary depending on local availability and cooking is done family style so feel free to let your inner chef come out! If you have any dietary restrictions, please let us know beforehand. Please note that Alcohol / Wine / Beer / Soft Drinks are not included but are welcome aboard.


We sail modern and luxurious yachts typically built within the last 2-5 years by prestigious manufacturers such as Beneteau, Jeanneau and Robertson and Caine. These companies have been producing top-of-the-line yachts for decades, and are consistently ranked best in class. Every yacht we charter has at least (4) double staterooms, 3 or 4 private bathrooms, and are fully loaded with amenities including the latest electronic and navigation equipment, stereos (and iPhone cords!), electric toilets and air conditioning throughout. We like to call it "luxury camping".

We only partner with the best charter companies in the Caribbean to ensure our yachts have been well-maintained and are incredibly safe to sail. Depending on the location, trip and group, we charter both Monohulls and Catamarans that are typically 45' to 55' in length and able to comfortably accommodate up to 10 passengers.

The exact boat we’ll be sailing on varies voyage to voyage and is usually finalized 2-3 months in advance of the trip. For additional details, to view pictures and review cabin layouts, please visit our information page.

Passports / Visas:

A valid passport is required for travel to St. Martin and the surrounding Leeward Islands. Depending on your country of origin, visas may also be required. It is your responsibility to ensure your passport is valid for six months past the date of your return, and that you procure any necessary Visas. The Crew cannot be held responsible for issues related to your passport or visa. We will collect your information in advance of the trip, and any issue encountered could result in your trip being cancelled (see our policy on cancellations for full details). If you have any questions, or are unsure, please contact us.

Currency in St. Martin:

U.S. Dollars are accepted on St. Martin and Anguilla, whereas St. Barths uses the Euro (though some places will accept dollars). ATM's are available on St. Barths should you require Euros, or local banks can complete a quick exchange for you. Major credit cards (VISA predominantly, AMEX the least) are accepted most everywhere throughout Leeward Islands. It is a good idea to also come with some cash in hand. Don't forget to let your bank and credit card companies know about your travel to this area.

For more information on how much you should expect to spend while on your voyage, please view the "common questions" section below.

// FAQs →


On a voyage with The Crew, you'll join a community of travelers with a shared appetite for adventure. There is no “average” traveler on one of our Voyages. But they do share similar traits: they are active, passionate about travel, and share a sense of adventure. By age, our travelers tend to be 20-40 something. Once you book, a member of The Crew will give you a call to discuss your travel goals with you. We’ll then build the itinerary around those goals and match you with others seeking similar experiences. Our cabin arrangements are designed to accommodate individuals, couples, or groups.


Every yacht we charter has at least (4) double staterooms, each with a private en-suite bath and air-conditioning throughout. We like to call it "luxury camping". Single berths are limited, and pairs booking double-occupancy will share a cabin. While the cabins and open space will feel smaller than a hotel, our yachts are very luxurious (by sailboat standards!). The beds are large (for a sailboat), and can be shared just as easily by close friends as by a couple. Let us know your situation and we’ll find a way to make it work. Learn more about our yachts on our information page.


Our voyages are captained and crewed by highly trained captains and lifelong watermen, with decades spent sailing, exploring and living by the Ocean. Our captains have years of experience with line-of-sight and GPS navigation techniques to keep your voyage on the proper heading! Our captains are eager to share their knowledge and passion for sailing with our voyagers. As a member of The Crew, you can get involved in the sailing as much or as little as you would like.


The Crew will provision your boat with food for 7 days. All breakfasts and lunches are included. Dinner will be cooked on board ~2 nights, or less, depending on your crew's preference. We enjoy dining outdoors, family style, and it's a great opportunity for everyone to get to know each other. Often times, our "family meals", be it on land or the yacht, become a highlight of the experience. All food is sourced locally in port (or caught at sea), so availability of ingredients and items will vary voyage-by-voyage.


The Crew usually eats together, and anyone willing to jump in and do the cooking is welcome! However, if your crew isn't into meal prep, your Captain will gladly prepare all meals (we promise, he'll be a decent chef!).


Yes. Standard US outlets (100W 120V AC) are always available on all our yachts.


We opt not to include WIFI on our boats, to give everyone a chance to disconnect. That said, many ports we visit oftentimes will have access, should you need to check-in.


Unless you provision the appropriate international plan, you will likely be roaming in all of the destinations we visit, and reception can be in and out - we wouldn't rely on having consistent service. Contact your provider for more information.


Our voyages include active experiences. We ask that you ensure you do not have any medical conditions that would interfere with the voyage or put your safety at risk. We require you to inform The Crew prior to your voyage of any medical conditions. Individuals with disabilities can be accommodated at special request.


If you think you may have an issue with seasickness, there are a number of highly effective seasickness and nausea medications you can procure in advance - just in case! Ask your Doctor or visit your local Pharmacy for more information.


Included in the price of our voyages are:
-All travel planning and logistics with a crew-member
-Accommodation for 7 days/6 nights
-A captain and first mate from 'The Crew'
-Dinghy, fuel and nightly mooring fees
-Breakfast and lunch daily
-Up to (2) onboard dinners
-Unlimited water and a small selection of snacks
-Snorkeling equipment (mask, snorkel, fins)
-Basic sailing instruction
-All cruising fees, taxes, immigration and national park fees


Travel to and from our voyage location is the primary thing not included. Most dinners will be at local restaurants, and are not included. Alcohol and soft drinks are not included, but can be purchased in port, along the way, and are welcome aboard. Please plan for this extra spend accordingly.


Assuming you were treated exceptionally and had a great voyage, it is customary to tip both the captain and first mate 10% to 15% upon voyage completion.


We offer a full refund before 90 days of your departure date. No refunds will be granted within 90 days of departure.

// Disclaimers →

Refund Policy

We offer a full refund before 90 days of your voyage departure date. Within 90 days of the voyage departure date, no refunds will be offered.

Travel Insurance

If you have any concerns, we recommend speaking with an insurance agent about additional coverage. We are fully willing to comply with any request you may have in the unlikely event you must use it.

Disclaimer and Liability

All customer participants must agree to indemnify and hold The Crew LLC, its insurers, affiliates, captains, crew, harmless for any injury or death arising from swimming, windsurfing, kayaking, or the use of dinghies, snorkels, masks, scuba equipment, or other equipment, the use of drugs, consumption of alcohol, unauthorized motoring, sailing or motoring in areas designated as hazardous by The Crew. The Crew LLC and its owners, member captains and crew are not held accountable for any injury caused by malfunction of a vessel that is not owned and maintained by The Crew LLC. In the case of an injury, the passenger remains responsible for the negligent acts that may result in harming the passenger and fellow crew.

Behavior and Conduct

The Crew and its captains have the right to suspend the activity and participation of a client on any voyage if behavior is erratic, unsafe, abusive, belligerent, or defiant of captain’s commands and orders. The Client will not be refunded and will be responsible for any and all extra financial costs if they are required to disembark before the end of the trip. Erratic and unsafe behaviors includes but is not limited to excessive drinking of alcohol, unsafe practices aboard, damaging the boat, wilful defiance of the captain and their commands (in regards to safety), sexual harassment, physical and verbal violence, and so on. It is the right of the captain to judge erratic behavior as they deem fit for the situation.

Photography and Videography

The Crew may use pictures and/or video of our voyages from time-to-time on our website and marketing. Passengers who wish to not be photographed must inform The Crew prior to the voyage. The Crew is not responsible for internet circulation of images via social media or other outlets outside the photo content on the website.

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