September 2, 2005 // Caribbean Sea

14°29'21"N // -66°45'19"W

It must have been past midnight - not that anyone knew, or cared - as our group was roaming excitedly around the aft deck of the M/V Explorer; a stalwart ship rumble-ing her way towards the equator. Cocktails were sipped and banter exchanged as the tropical breeze broadened the grins of new acquaintances, all unwittingly sharing in another of life's moments. With Nassau just two days to our stern, we had already found ourselves nearing the Venezuelan coast; with only moonlight to cast a glow on our isolated serenity. A contagion of smiles seemed to nod in silent synchronicity: the beginning of a journey we hoped would never end.

Andrew and Ian were both standing on the M/V's aft deck that night;. Today, they carry the journey forward withThe Crew. Who you travel with matters. Set sail with The Crew and get started on your life's next chapter 


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